Google Ads

Through Google Advertising Solutions, we can effectively reach our audience while browsing the Internet with a range of solutions.
Depending on the needs of each business, we combine different types of campaigns and targets to have the maximum possible results.
Indicatively, but not restrictively, an advertising mix may include:

Search ads

They appear in the search engine and include:
  • Text ads, where keyword targeting and ads appear when the user’s search matches the targeted keyword.
  • Dynamic search ads, where we do not provide keywords to the system. Google Ads reviews our site and automatically displays ads in searches that match the site’s content.
  • The ads only for calls displayed on mobile phones, and when someone clicks on them, they are not directed to the advertiser’s site, but a call is made to a number that has been set.

Display ads

They are displayed on sites and include:
  • The classic display ads consist of images and text and target common or specific sites.
  • The smart network campaigns where no targeting is defined. The system automatically displays the ads and optimizes them to display them to the right audience in the right way to maximize results. These are campaigns that use, with great success, artificial intelligence and knowledge.
  • Remarketing, which is a specialty of targeting display ads. Displays ads to an audience that has visited our site or specific pages on any other site they visit. As long as it displays Google ads.
  • Dynamic remarketing. It works just like repetitive marketing with the difference that it promotes the products whose pages have been visited on the site.

Video ads (YouTube)

Video ads include:
  • TrueView for action ads that prompt the user to take action. They are displayed in the video stream that the user is watching and enable the skip action.
  • TrueView ads for purchases that encourage the user to make a purchase. They work just like TrueView ads for energy, except they display products.
  • Video Bumper ads are short videos with which you can reach more customers and increase the recognition of your brand. They are displayed in the video stream that the user is watching without being skipped.
  • Outstream video ads, which are mobile-only ads that appear on non-YouTube sites and affiliate applications, and are played either in-app or on-page content.

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